Tarot Spreads

What are Tarot Spreads?

Tarot spreads are templates to layout the Tarot cards in a reading.

The Tarot spreads decide the number of cards and the position to be used for each card.

Each position in the Tarot spreads have a unique allocated meaning; this aids the Tarot reader to understand the context of the drawn cards.

The reader will choose a suitable Tarot spread based on the Querent’s question. When the Querent asks a question, the Tarot reader shuffles the cards and focusing on the Querent’s energy draw’s the cards.

Tarot reading can be done with one or more cards. For e.g. the Daily Tarot draw or Daily Tarot spread is a one card spread, whereas the Celtic cross is a ten-card spread.

When you draw more cards for a reading it helps you to build the story in the reading.

As a beginner it is easier if you start with a one-card reading and proceed to a three-card spread and move on progressively to more complicated spreads.

I personally find that the three cards spread works better for me than one card reading.

Creating your own Tarot spreads

Though the Internet has tonns of spreads available for you to choose from, at times you may feel that you want to create your own Tarot Spreads.

There are a few things that you must consider when creating your own Tarot spreads.

  • The first step is to take a moment to understand the question properly.
  • Consider the kind of questions you would ask the Tarot cards. For example what is my current situation? How can I resolve the issue?

If you are not clear explore and clarify the question with the Querent. You can even ask the Querent to rephrase the question.

  • Consider the number of cards you want to use for the reading. Will it be a three-card reading or does the query require seven or ten cards.
  • Decide how you will sequence the question and which card will represent which question.
  • Finally consider the layout of the Tarot spreads. You can lay the cards in a line, a circle, cross etc. or lay them based on zodiac signs, constellations or any other shape or design of your choosing.

Case Study

Lets look at this with a help of a fictitious case study.

 Janet is a Tarot client and has approached you with a reading request

“I run a small dress boutique and have been presented with a wonderful opportunity to expand, but am not sure whether it is the right time for me to expand my business. At this point it all seems very daunting and difficult to decide whether I am ready for such an enormous task. I am worried of the additional expenses and the risks of making a loss with the expansion.”

Can you please do a reading for me and let me know what path I need to choose?

As a Tarot reader you must always remember there is no right or wrong way to create a Tarot spread. The Tarot spreads you use or create needs to resonate with you and you need to be comfortable to use it.

This is how I would lay the Tarot spread for Janet’s query.

Business Tarot Spread

    1. What is my current situation?
    1. Is it the right time to make expand my business?
    1. Am I ready for this change expansion?
    1. What are my fears and hopes for my business?
    1. Do I need help during the expansion?
    1. What kind of skills and knowledge do I need to achieve this?
  1. What do I need to know to make this expansion success?

Here you go! You now have a customised Tarot spread to meet your client’s request.

Whenever you make a customised Tarot spreads for your client, note it down in your journal, you never know when you may need it again in future.

Types of Tarot Spreads

 There are hundreds of Tarot spreads available on Internet. Some of the most common Tarot spreads used are:

  1. Daily Tarot Spread
  2. Three cards Tarot spread
  3. Yes or No
  4. Favour and against
  5. Celtic Cross
  6. Mandala spread
  7. Tree of life spread
  8. Spirit guide Tarot spread
  9. Relationship Tarot spread
  10. Balancing Chakra spread
  11. Major Arcana Tarot Spread
  12. Crossroad spread

You can go to the websites below to get more information on Tarot spreads:






Over to you

I would like to hear, how you create your own Tarot spreads by commenting in the section below.

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