Tarot Card Keywords

There are various ways to memorize the card meanings; one is the Fool’s journey, which I covered, in my previous post ‘Major Arcana’. Tarot card keywords is another such exercise.


What are Tarot Keywords?

Tarot card keywords are words that represents the meaning of the card, or you could say a word that sums up the card in one word. The key words act as a trigger to interpret the meaning of the card.

There are many keywords chart available on the Internet but if you create your own Tarot card key words chart you will be able to:

  • Familiarize with your cards.
  • Remember the meanings of the cards.
  • Use them as a quick reference guide for a reading.
  • Use them as prompters when you go blank in a reading.

Here are a couple of links to the keyword charts available on the Internet:


How to create your own Tarot card keywords chart?

  • The first step to creating a Tarot card key word chart is to group your cards. You can do this in various ways, such as divide your cards by:
    • Major and Minor cards
    • Numbers
    • Court cards
    • Suits
  • Once you have decided how you want to group your cards, create your Tarot card key word chart template. There are no fixed rules on how to create your template. Your template could include tarot card images, name of the card, key words related to the card, number of the cards etc.
  • Once you have grouped your cards and developed your template you are now ready to add in your key words:
    • Pick one card and gaze at the card. Look at the images, scenery, colours and numbers on the card.
    • What catches your eye?
    • Look at what is happening in the card?
    • What words come to your mind when you look at the card?
    • Write down the all the words that come in your mind.
    • Once you have written down all the words, go through them and select the ones that resonate the most with you.



0: The Fool

0: The reversed Fool



Depending on Key words:

You should ensure that you don’t get too dependent on the keywords when reading Tarot cards. It is important to  trust yourself and rely on your intuition and use the key words as a guide.


Over to you

I would like to hear, how you will create your Tarot card keywords by commenting in the section below.

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