Set up your Tarot space and ritual

In this post you will:

  • Learn to set up a Tarot space for your self
  • Be able to create your own Tarot rituals
  • Understand if setting up a special place and creating rituals for Tarot is important?

Tarot space


When you want to practice Tarot or read Tarot, you want to be physically, emotionally and spiritually available. You want your mind free of any daily activities such as your shopping list, children, office etc. so that you can pay attention to your inner voice or intuition.

Setting up a Tarot space or sacred space and performing rituals before reading Tarot, is essentially tuning your unconscious mind to understand that it is now time to close your mind to all of the daily clutter and open up to the intuitive and spiritual powers that one has within them.

It might take a little longer and you may feel tied down to the ritual but by the time you complete your ritual your mind is focused on the task at hand.


 Your Tarot space

A Tarot space can be any part of your home or office where you can sit quietly and not be disturbed, when you are practicing or reading Tarot.

The space does not have to be a permanent space; you could clear up your coffee table, study table, lounge, dining table etc. and cover it with a Tarot cloth, again it is optional. (You can buy a beautiful Tarot cloth and Tarot pouches for your cards from the market, amazon or eBay alternatively you can make your own.)

When you are reading face to face for a client ensure there is sufficient privacy and that you and your client are comfortable before you start the reading.


Tarot Rituals

It is very important that you be in the right frame of mind and health when you read or practice tarot.

Tarot ritualPerforming a few rituals before and after you do your reading will help you to centre and focus on the reading at hand and keep negative energies away from you.

You need not follow all the rituals below. Select the ones that you like or the ones that resonate with you, and add in your own if you want. Remember there are no rules to learn and read Tarot.

  • Put on some meditation music
  • Set up your Tarot table by covering it with a Tarot cloth.
  • Light some scented candles.
  • Place some crystals that you like on the table.
  • Lay your Tarot cards on the table.
  • Sit down in a relaxed position.
  • Now close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • You can now set the intentions of your reading or say a little prayer.
  • As you breath in and out, imagine and feel the tension easing out of your body with each breadth, starting with your forehead and working your way downwards to your toes.
  • Let any thoughts that come pass by and focus only on releasing the tension and calming yourself.
  • When you are ready open your eyes and start your tarot reading.
  • Once you have completed your Tarot reading, thank the cards, shuffle them and put them in their box or bag.
  • Use the sage smudge sticks to clear your deck and tarot space of any negative energies.
  • If you know Reiki you can set your intentions and give Reiki to yourself, your cards and your Tarot space before and after you have finished the reading.


My Tarot space and rituals

If you do readings for clients at home you will need to keep in mind where in your home you want to set up your Tarot space so that you get enough privacy and are not disturbed when you carry on your reading.



Here is an image of my Altar. As a part of my Tarot ritual:

  • I light my oil burner.
  • place some crystals
  • and put on some meditation music.

The music helps me meditate and centre myself; it also helps me concentrate on my reading.


Over to you

I would love to hear from you on:

  • how you organise your Tarot space and
  • what rituals you follow by commenting in the section below.

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