High Priestess

High PriestessHigh Priestess Positive Key words :

Intuition, mystery, education, knowledge, enigmatic, wisdom, spiritual, psychic, peace, serenity, meditation, enlightenment, fertility, balance

High Priestess Negative Key words:

Withdrawn, secretive, frustration, betrayal, secrets revealed, lack of knowledge, fertility issues, imbalance





Details of the Card

The High Priestess sits between the two pillars of Solomon temple, one black and one white, which represent darkness and light respectively. The pillars also represent stability and support.

She wears the Triple Goddess crown the symbol of Goddess Isis. The Triple Goddess crown is the symbol for triple moon: Waxing, Full, and Waning moon, it is the crown worn by the High Priestess in the Pagan religion. The Waxing moon represents pregnancy, birth or commencement of new projects. The full moon represents wholeness and the waning moon suggests it is time to take things slow.

The Crescent moon on the feet of the High Priestess also represents Goddess Isis and stands for love, mystery and intuition.

The cross she wears represents spirituality and the Torah in her hand is a book of higher knowledge and spirituality.

The thin temple veil behind the High Priestess has images of palms and pomegranates. Palms represent calmness and serenity whereas, pomegranates are associated with fertility.

Her blue robe stands for knowledge, peace and serenity where as the white robe symbolizes innocence, purity and wisdom.


 Positive or Upright Interpretation:

High Priestess in a reading suggests that you must remove any self-doubt you may have and follow your intuition. The card informs you to keep a balance in all aspects of your life now. The High Priestess is a guiding card and it asks you to follow your instincts in making any decision.

This card focuses on your subconscious. When you get this card in your reading you need to pay attention to your dreams and your inner voice. The current situation you are in, or the question you may have, seems enigmatic, but by listening to your heart you will find the solution or the answer.

In matters related to love this card says if you are looking to start a new relationship everything is not yet clear and you must give it some more time and thought before you enter into this relationship.

This card suggest that you need to try and solve issues where there is a disagreement between you and your partner, it asks you to communicate with each other, identify issues and seek the truth in your relationship.

If you have further concerns then it is important to follow your instincts, but you must do so in a way that it is not a detriment to you or the relationship. If you have a feeling of insecurity it does not mean that your partner is cheating on you or does not love you any more. Often we are sensitive to specific issues but the situation is not as dire as it seems. You need to weigh the pros and cons of your relationship and then make a decision.

In matters related to health The High Priestess asks you to take it easy and if you are not feeling well you must see your doctor. In relation to any mental health problems you must seek help of a counsellor. The card asks you to take care of your health and eat well.

In relation to work and finance this card will provide you with guidance and throw light on any issues that may exist in any business deals or legal matters.

The High Priestess informs you that you are ready to explore your spirituality and find your way by trusting your intuition.


Negative or Reversed Interpretation


reversed high priestess

The reversed High Priestess suggests that you are intuitive person, but are not listening to your inner voice. For some reason you have blocked and are ignoring what your sub conscious is trying to tell you.

The card suggests that it is not a time for action but staying calm. Relax now and do not make any decision without looking at all outcomes, as you may regret it later.

You have lost focus and may be rushing into making decisions. You need to have confidence in yourself and not worry about opinions of others.

The High Priestess asks you to meditate, listen to your inner voice, have faith and believe in yourself.

The card warns you to be careful and take care of gossip and people with hidden agendas.



Over to you

This is my interpretation of The High Priestess card. What is yours? Share your thoughts on The High Priestess by commenting below.


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