The Fool 

Fool Positive Key Words:

New beginnings, travel, optimism, care free, without worry, free spirited, movement, honesty, belief, trust, fearless, child like.

Fool Negative Key Words:

Restless, foolish, naive, sabotage, careless, gullible, reckless





Details of the Card

The Fool card is the number 0 of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana is also considered as the journey of The Fool.

The first thing you notice in the card is the yellow colour, which represents richness, hope, faith and abundance.

The white rose in the Fool’s hand stands for purity, spirituality and passion.

The playful dog represents a faithful friend who accompanies the Fool on his journey, the dog warns the Fool of any dangers ahead such as the cliff in front of him.

The bag he carries symbolises the experiences of his journey and the small size of the bag suggests that even though he carries the bag he is not bogged down with the negative experiences that he has faced.

The White Mountains represents the spiritual journey that lies ahead of the Fool.

The decorative clothes worn by him suggests that he is an attention seeker and wants to get noticed.

He has his arms stretched wide, and is ready to embrace any new situations and ideas.

The staff on his shoulder signifies the support he will need during his journey.

The bright sun symbolises happiness, good health, positivity, authority and creativity.

The red feather in the Fool’s cap represents the spirit and air and is a symbol of wealth, good fortune, strength, passion and courage.


 Positive or Upright Interpretation:

The Fool is a positive Tarot card, when the card comes up in a reading it signifies new beginnings or new phase of life, may it be a new job or a new relationship. It suggests a time of self-development and growth for you.

It advises you to venture into the unknown, to trust and believe in yourself and take a leap of faith, i.e. start your projects or follow your dreams that you were too scared to pursue before.

In terms of financial gains it suggests that any new job or projects that you commence will pay off well. The Fool card asks you, not to ignore any opportunities that come your way in the near future.

In matters related to friends it is a good time to socialize and make new friends.

In relation to spirituality it means you are still searching and are waiting for the right one for you.

The Fool card suggests that you may find the partner that you are looking for and fall in love. If you are already in a relationship you will find increased passion and love in your relation.

Health wise the Fool wants you to give up the couch, get active and take up any physical activity.


Negative or Reversed Interpretation

 The Fool in the reversed position warns you to take precautions in any  projects or work that you undertake. It asks you to take things slowly, be more careful and not start any new projects or ventures rigReversed foolht away but rather wait for better opportunities.

When the reversed Fool appears in a reading,  you need to be more careful and ensure you are not reckless. You must give a lot of thought to any decisions you make. The card also warns you not to be gullible and get influenced by others.

In terms of relationship the Fool may not necessarily represent you
(the Querent), it may relate to someone you are in relationship with or are planning to get into a relation with. The card suggests that you need to be careful as the relation may lack commitment. It asks you to not jump into a new relation too soon.

In matters of health the reversed card suggest that you need to take it easy not get too stressed and to take care of your health.

Over to you

This is my interpretation of The Fool card. Tell me yours. Share your thoughts on The Fool by commenting below.

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