Emperor Positive Key words

Leadership, support, order, discipline, structure, protection, intellectual reasoning, power, family values, ambitious, organized, high principles.

Emperor Negative Key words:

Stagnant, loss, creativity block, rigid, dominating, aggressive, trampling over, egoistic.




Details of the Card

The Emperor looks regal sitting on his grey throne with his red robe and golden crown.

He complements the Empress and is the Masculine Principle, the Animus and the Patriarch.

The Emperor is an old man with a long grey beard, who represents wisdom and experience.

The card represents a life void of feelings and passion, and one  governed by rules and authority.

Image in the card is dominated by red and orange, which are colours related to energy and passion.

There is a sense of strength and authority in this card; but lacks in emotion and is ruled by logic.

The crown he adorns represents authority, and the Orb in his left hand represents the world he rules. He holds an Ankh in his right hand; the Ankh is an Egyptian symbol, which represents life.

The 4 rams embellish the Emperor’s throne. In Christianity Ram is a symbol of protection. Ram is also a symbol for the zodiac sign – Aries, which is an astral ruler. Ram also represents strength and power.

The barren mountains behind the Emperor’s throne represents the mastery the Emperor has to overcome obstacles and make them feel smaller.


Positive or Upright Interpretation:

Just as the Empress is the mother archetype the Emperor is the father figure archetype in a Tarot deck.

The Emperor signifies an elderly man who has a strong influence in your life. He brings structure and discipline in your life. He is a wise man with lot of experience who offers advise and guidance to you when needed.

When this card comes up in a reading it suggests that in this phase of your life you need guidance and stability. It urges you to take decisions and move ahead. At the same time it warns you against dangers of disclosing your weaknesses to others.

It asks you to get rid of all your fantasies in your head and face the reality in front of you. It wants you to stay focused and dedicated with the tasks in hand.

In relation to love it suggests that a matured person will come in your life and provide you with a stable relation.

In a relationship reading the Emperor signifies consistency and faithfulness. It suggests a stable and dependable relationship. If you have any problems in your relation, trust that any issues you may have now will be resolved. You just need to give it some time.

In matters related to health this card signifies good health.

In relation to work and finance this card brings along with it stability, prosperity and richness. Count your blessings, this card brings with it luck and money

It suggest that any issues you may have regarding work or money will be resolved quickly.


Negative or Reversed Interpretation

Emperor reverseIf the card represents the seeker then something is blocking the energy that gives the person authority. You might find that people no longer follow your leadership nor do they listen to you.

At a personal level this card suggests close-mindedness, lack of ambition and lack of confidence and self worth.

If the seeker is not the Emperor reverse, it suggests a person in their life, who is dominating, an authoritarian and one who does not care for others feelings.

In matters of love and relationship it suggests an imbalanced and unhappy relation. You feel a lack of support and feel as if you were the only one investing in the relation.


If you are looking for love or relationship, you need to be very cautious and sure before getting too involved. Your partner may be stubborn and rigid and not willing to compromise.

In your workplace the card may represent the difficulties you face with your boss. You find it difficult to deal with authority. You may be fed up of a dominating overbearing boss or workplace politics. If you are about to rebel or stand up to them, you should be careful on how you handle the situation. It is a time to be tactful and not reckless.


Over to you

This is my interpretation of The Emperor card. What is yours? Share your thoughts on The Emperor by commenting below.

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