Emperor Positive Key words Leadership, support, order, discipline, structure, protection, intellectual reasoning, power, family values, ambitious, organized, high principles. Emperor Negative Key words: Stagnant, loss, creativity block, rigid, dominating, aggressive, trampling over, egoistic.       Details of the Card The Emperor looks regal sitting on his grey throne with his red robe and golden crown. […]

High Priestess

High Priestess Positive Key words : Intuition, mystery, education, knowledge, enigmatic, wisdom, spiritual, psychic, peace, serenity, meditation, enlightenment, fertility, balance High Priestess Negative Key words: Withdrawn, secretive, frustration, betrayal, secrets revealed, lack of knowledge, fertility issues, imbalance         Details of the Card The High Priestess sits between the two pillars of Solomon temple, […]


 Magician Positive Key words : Creativity, opportunity, artistic, teacher, confidence, initiator, manifest, success, focused, mental discipline, leadership   Magician Negative Key words: Slack, inattentive, fraud, illusionist, pretense, manipulator, incompetent.         Details of the Card The Magician card is the number one of the Major Arcana. The top and the bottom of the Magician […]


  Fool Positive Key Words: New beginnings, travel, optimism, care free, without worry, free spirited, movement, honesty, belief, trust, fearless, child like. Fool Negative Key Words: Restless, foolish, naive, sabotage, careless, gullible, reckless         Details of the Card The Fool card is the number 0 of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana […]